Workforce Education -                  A New Roadmap 

William B. Bonvillian and Sanjay E. Sarma (MIT Press 2021)

“Bonvillian and Sarma tackle one of the toughest, and most important problems facing the United States. Their survey of today's decentralized, disconnected 'system' of workforce education is often a tour of disappointments and shortcomings but it also takes us to programs that work and that might lend themselves to replication under committed national leadership. The authors offer no single silver bullet, but a raft of tools and principles for business, government, and educators to follow.”

Robert Siegel

former host of NPR's All Things Considered

A roadmap for how we can rebuild America's working class by transforming workforce education and training.

The American dream promised that if you worked hard, you could move up, with well-paying working-class jobs providing a gateway to an ever-growing middle class. Today, however, we have increasing inequality, not economic convergence. Technological advances are putting quality jobs out of reach for workers who lack the proper skills and training. In Workforce Education, William Bonvillian and Sanjay Sarma offer a roadmap for rebuilding America's working class. They argue that we need to train more workers more quickly, and they describe innovative methods of workforce education that are being developed across the country.

It's not just that we need a pipeline of skilled workers for future jobs; we need to give workers the skills they need now. Focusing on manufacturing, healthcare, and retail sectors, the authors investigate programs that reimagine workforce education, from short intensive courses that offer certification to a new model for apprenticeships. They examine the roles of community colleges, employers, governments, and universities in workforce education, and describe new education technologies that can deliver training to workers. We can't tackle inequality unless we equip our workers for twenty-first-century jobs.

Information on the book is here:


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